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exmrlove, under the cut because ugh and mental illness and UGH

so last Friday he decidedĀ  he needed to be in the hospital again. his medicine isn’t working for the bajillionth time. which, believe me, i know that it is very difficult to get a proper prescription when dealing with bipolar disorder. you know what makes it even more difficult? drinking, not sleeping, not taking your pills on schedule, eating healthy and avoiding stressful situations. ALL of which are his favorite things to do. So, I am sorry if I can’t be bothered to pick him up at the hospital today and give him a ride back to this apartment.

Yeah, because after almost a week in the hospital all of the sudden he is just fine and wanted to leave.

probably why his words were slurring on the phone.

so over it.

I know he is dying or whatever but I am trying to fucking live so LEAVE ME ALONE.

phew. had to get that out.

if you read this far, you are a true buddy and i love you for it.


  1. myeyesarebrightindisguise said: Oh Christ girl. This is the story of bipolar. We know it well. “Oh you’ve been in-patient for a week and suddenly are cured? So I should get you now?” Ok. You should write a book
  2. ro-s-a-spark-s said: He will forever struggle and you will, too. It is ok to sometimes wish it away.
  3. babywipesenthusiast2 said: Hugs, snuggles, and extra love
  4. theraconteurasaurus said: *hugs*
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