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No shit, that is where corn comes from?

So you just cut it off the husks?

Thank you, Ina. I just had no idea.

And butter you say? Is that good with corn?

I am learning SO much.


  1. dariadixon said: wait so I DON’T have to eat the cob and the leaves and the silk and all that???
  2. stupidswampwitch said: But how do we get the butter out of the packet? Is they a tutorial I can download?
  3. emergentpattern replied:
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    People are REALLY gonna shit when they find out you can buy it, pre-cut, in a can.
  6. glossylalia said: Don’t add bacon though. Don’t get too crazy. What would Jeffrey think.
  7. stayinbedgrowyrhair said: "old-fashioned corn flavor"
  8. colorschanging said: Wait, it comes off?
  9. ro-s-a-spark-s said: I cannot stand that woman. She makes me furious.
  10. footagenotfound said: Pro-tip: Don’t spread this around, because I don’t want everyone to know about this, but salt is pretty good on corn too. You’re welcome.
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