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Just hanging out, reading, whatever.

Thanks to @librarianpirate for the elephant and piggie suggestion. She is a girl obsessed. She read this book three times last night.



You can’t just throw money at the void occupying the centre of you. The money’s just going to get sucked into the singularity and evaporate, meaninglessly.



how to get a nice body:
1. look in the mirror
2. be like, “niiiiiiiiiiiice”

so handsome ❤️ #workcat

so handsome ❤️ #workcat



Designer Goula Figeura’s Orwell day bed lets you easily shut yourself off from the outside world with its light and noise-cancelling curtains.



if youre a mosquito unfollow me right now


KING HENRY: are you ever going to stop partying
HAL: im not partying
KING HENRY: you’re partying right now
HAL: only as a commentary on partying
KING HENRY: that doesn’t make any sense
HAL: doesnt it

FALSTAFF: do u want to get high
HAL: yeah
but only because then everyone will be really impressed when i stop getting high
HAL: its a plan i came up with when i was high

Dirtbag Henry IV, Part I 

oh and yeah i will always be talking about my kid being able to read. like from here on out.

do you know how long i have waited for this? do you know how many of my mom fantasies is us just laying on the couch, each reading our own book? SO MANY.

I even have a Ramona Quimby boxed set just WAITING on her. omg I cannot wait until she reads those books.

Now that J can read she is going to figure out that catepillar isn’t prounounced “cal-a-pitter” and that makes me sad.